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About Barnet Elective Home Education.  

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What is Elective Home education?  (EHE)

Elective Home Education is when you have decided to educate your child/ren outside the school system. This means that you have the freedom to choose the learning programme that best suits your child's learning needs. 

 !! The Double Edged Sword: Whilst EHE is a legitimate education choice with many positive attributes, you MUST be aware that this decision come with 'consequences' that may not be so positive; the most obvious being that no resources are offered by the Local Authority. This means no help for costs with exams, no workbooks or subscription cost support, no support for the cost of tutors. The responsibility for funding and organising your chosen home education programme lies with you - the parent.


This is also true if your child has an EHCP, therefore provision written into the EHCP at the time you remove your child from the school register, will not be provided in the same way as it was when your child attended school, particularly in the case of the therapy services - this provision will only take place in Clinic not at your home. If your child has an EHCP, be sure to contact your child's school SENCO to discuss the impact of your decision on your child's EHCP provision.

Below is the link for Government guidance for parents and local authorities on elective home education. Here you will find information on the rights and responsibilities regarding EHE.

What happens next? 

Once you have informed your child's educational setting of your intention to home educate, the Elective Home Education Team will be in touch. 

We will email you to introduce ourselves and request, informally, information about your home education programme and to offer support, guidance and advice should you need it. 

A bit of background information

The Elective Home Education Team sit within Barnet Education and Learning Services (BELS). 

BELS is a Local Authority controlled company which is responsible for providing the Council's education service to Barnet's schools and residents.  

Other Teams based within BELS include:

School Admissions

SEND and inclusion

Education Welfare Team  

Post 16 Team

Early Years Standards

Transport Team 

To find information on all BELS services visit the BELS home page:

New to EHE and wish to register?

If you have just started your home education journey you may want support from the Elective Home Education Team. 

Please click below to register your child with the Elective Home Education Team. We will be in contact shortly to offer support and guidance with the next steps of your home education plan.

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