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Curriculum Subject Links


On this page you will find links to resources that you may find helpful when developing your home education programme. Please do send in any other ideas you have or links to resources you have found particularly helpful. 

Copies of the National Curriculum can be downloaded here:

BBC Teaching and Learning Resources: 

BBC Bitesize and Bitesize Daily is a free online study support resource designed to help with learning, revision and homework.

Whether you're at home or at school, you can use BBC Teach for free. The website is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject

Learning resources for primary schools offering video, audio and downloads for Early Years, KS1 & KS2 covering music, dance, drama, history, collective worship, assemblies, literacy and math's

All subjects:

Oak National Academy

A curriculum-based site featuring over 40, 000 free high quality and adaptable curriculum-aligned resources.

The Oak National Academy : Free resources/lessons produced by teachers to support children’s learning.

Twinkl: For both home education and school-based learning, twinkle provides worksheets and learning packs to support your programme.


Barnet 0-19

Barnet Youth/ Free resources and activities including online ‘lessons’:

TED-ED ideas/lessons worth sharing

TED-Ed celebrates the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Discover hundreds of animated lessons, create customized lessons, and share your big ideas.

Times Educational Supplement (TES) resources link, including information on teaching for Mastery.

English and Maths specific Resources:

English and math's coverage online study with analysis:

IXL | Maths and English Practice


Ed-Place – online study for English, maths and science -  GCSE and 11+ exams


Reading Eggs: Reading Eggs is a programme for home educators, providing a comprehensive range of online reading lessons, activities, and e‑books that teach kids ages 2–13 the core literacy skills needed for lifetime reading success.


Teaching your children English -spoken language at home :


This website offers support for you and your children with their writing. this is a subscription service

Welcome to Brave Writer | Brave Writer (en-US)

(Parent recommendation) 

Beast Academy 

This American maths based website is for children who are confident with maths and need a little challenge 

Learn Math Online for Advanced Elementary Students | Beast Academy

(Parent recommendation)

Functional Skills (an alternative to academic qualifications)

Functional skills are vocational skills taught through English, maths, ICT, as well as, work based content including construction, hair and beauty, child care, sports and leisure and engineering. You can find a host of functional skills resources both on line and via workbooks: 

BBC Bitesize hosts a Functional skills page - follow the Post 16 tab (your child does not have to be Post 16 to find these resources useful): Functional Skills English (Levels 1 and 2) - England - BBC Bitesize

CGP Publish core subject Functional Skills workbooks and In Context publish functional skills workbooks that teaches key skills through vocational topics such as construction, health and social care, etc. 

You can also find Functional skills qualification revision material on the main exam board websites - see the exam and assessment page for the exam board website addresses. 

STEM subjects:

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

The Science museum:


CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineer:

The CREST Awards provide teachers and home educators with simple and adaptable activities aligned to the national curriculum.

What is CREST? — CREST Awards


Third space learning reviews online resources to support math's learning:

Finding the best free math's homework help sites online for your child can be tricky as a parent. Here we review the 10 top UK math's homework websites and apps that are free, packed full of homework help for primary school children – and may even teach parents a thing or two along the way!


Maths-whizz is another website that lists online resources to support maths learning at home, as well as provided a subscription service to 1:1 tutoring or free activity packs, games and worksheets.

Scratch Coding 

Codevidhya is an EdTech company that provides online coding classes for kids. In Hindi, Vidhya means Knowledge. In reference to that, Codevidhya aims to deliver coding knowledge to kids. We mainly focus on coding for school kids. Parents can book a free coding class for kids and learn more about how we provide our online courses. 

Personalised Coding Classes for Kids - Scratch Coding for Kids Online (

PODCAST: Inside the Breakthrough 

A collision of science and history. 

Inside The Breakthrough – How science comes to life

(Parent recommendation)




British Museum:

Welcome to The Museum of the World – an interactive experience through time, continents and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history.

Natural History Museum:


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Image by Element5 Digital

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Image by Tim Mossholder

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Image by Firmbee

Art Class

Art Class

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Image by Phil Hearing

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Image by Robo Wunderkind

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Image by Victoria Nazaruk

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Image by Gautam Arora

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